Since I didn’t get you a real present (other than a gym membership, which is in the gift hall of fame for being the WORST GIFT EVER), I’m dedicating this post to you and filling it with all of your favorite things.

1.  Beer – Only the cheapest will do!

2.  Basketball – Go UD, go go UD!

3.  Bears – no wait, that’s mine.

4.  Guided by Voices – or their Christian Rock equivalent, Guided by Choices

5.  Cheap Trick – Bun E. Carlos wanted me to wish you a Happy Birthday

6.  Neil Young – especially Trans

7.  Walking – especially in nature, while listening to Trans

8.  Julia – walking buddy and expert snuggler

9. South Park Tavern – best food ever, best beer selection ever, just best ever.

10. ME!!!

I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!

(All Images via Google Image Search – except Julia and Me and Rob/Julia)