How do you turn a dying city into a vibrant metropolis?  For one thing, you could make it easier for people to start businesses downtown.  I am very excited about these Pop-Up Shops in Downtown Dayton as a method to revitalize our city.  There is a great article in Dayton Most Metro describing the shops and how it all got started, click here to read it.

Basically, starting a business with a storefront is a monstrous task (I worked for an architectural firm, and yes, starting up a business is madness).  A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan launched a project called Activated Spaces (with energetic volunteers from Generation Dayton and updayton) that among other things works with building owners downtown who have vacant storefronts to fill, encouraging them to offer a short lease (3-6 months in some cases) at a reduced price.  This fills the vacancies, which is good for the building owners and great for our community.  It effectively turns downtown into a retail destination.

I’m really looking forward to checking out ARIN, a jewelry store by Brooke Medlin opening May 4, 2012 at 27 S. St Clair St.

(Image via Activated Spaces)