Today marks our 4th wedding anniversary!  To get in the spirit to celebrate, I thought I would look through some of my wedding photos.  (Of course, they are all housed safely on Facebook‘s servers if you want to browse through some more.)

It was such a beautiful spring day.  I remember that the weather was perfect, the pollen was low, and the trees had lovely purple flowers blooming.  Rev Cool, the reknowned radio DJ of WYSO’s Around the Fringe, officiated (because he’s awesome).  My sister and brother-in-law refused to listen to me and went down the aisle first so my friend Morgan ended up being my maid of honor.  3 poems were read, but I can’t remember which ones.  We read our own vows and I choked up at one point but I don’t think anyone noticed, thank goodness. 

On the way to the reception, I needed to make a stop at Winan’s for coffee because of my raging caffeine addiction.  The reception was great but I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted because my dress was a little too tight.  At the end of the night, I was so exhausted I was about to leave my husband at the club and go home to sleep but he ended up coming with me.  I vaguely remember trying to watch the Simpsons but I only made it to the menu of the DVD before falling asleep for probably 12 hours straight.  Don’t plan and execute a wedding while you have 2 part time jobs, a full class load, and want to hold on to any part of your sanity.  It just doesn’t work to your advantage. 

The next day, when I had time to unwind a little and think about things, I realized I was happy it was over even though it was fun and I got to marry my best friend.  I love you, Rob!