The weather in Dayton, Ohio has been a rollercoaster ride this spring.  We went from 85 degrees in March to temperatures in April reaching an all time low of 35 degrees.  Earth Day this year was in the 30s and very cold and uncomfortable to those of us used to around 70.  Since it wasn’t raining, my husband and I saw no reason to skip our Sunday walk at the park.  We packed up Julia! and went to Eastwood MetroPark, this time to explore the Buckeye Trail.

We had a great time seeing a totally different view of buildings we’re used to seeing from the front – we even found a really cool abandoned building. When we got as far as the Findlay Street bridge we turned back.  I think we’ll try to make it all the way downtown sometime, but probably on bikes.  Or with at least a picnic basket.

Some of these pictures show graffiti on structures around the creek, which I think is such a neat contrast and reminds me of Tadmor a little bit.  In this case, it’s the intersection of a dying city and decaying cement structures with nature, bursting with life and renewing itself again and again.  It was oddly uplifting.

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