One of my husband and my first dates was this run down ice cream stand in Dayton called N’Ice N’ Sweet.  He wanted us to go there because it’s a place he and his brother used to walk to when they were little living in Linden Heights.  I thought it was in bad shape then but on my third or fourth visit, I have to say it looks much worse now.  I live in Linden Heights now and I love it.  One aspect of this love I have for my corner of Dayton is trying and re-trying some of the local establishments, which put this ice cream stand back on my list.  We walked here a few weeks ago and I took some pictures to try and capture the unique essence of this business.

To be honest, the ice cream is very good.  It’s really just a straight forward, old fashioned ice cream stand reminiscent of the 1950s.  It could use a coat of paint and some new (non-single pane) windows so their homemade signs would stop losing their ink and then it could be in top shape again.  If it ever was…


Oh, and apparently they have wi-fi!  Very neat.

N’ice N’ Sweet
1235 Linden Avenue
Dayton, Ohio  45410