I went shopping at The Greene the other day and decided it was a perfect day for a mani/pedi.  I love the Venetian Nail Spa because other than just the fact that it’s strikingly gorgeous the moment you step inside (dual waterfalls, sky mural in the vaulted ceiling, marble-esque floors, etc. – basically the polar opposite of Rose Nails) the services are awesome and not at all expensive, especially considering what you would expect being that it is the nail spa in The Greene.

In a very un-me move that would have shocked my regular techs at Luxury (it’s not my basic black, near black, almost black, etc.), I went for an orangey, coral-y, pink with iridescent glitter on just one nail on each hand.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Even though I was the annoying customer who came in with shopping bags, they helped me put them all on my arms and even got my car keys out of my purse for me.  If there is any real lesson in dependence, it’s trying to get out of a nail salon without ruining your nails.

I know I don’t normally write about chains in any capacity, but this place really is very beautiful and definitely a great place to go relax after a hectic shopping trip for something terrible like a swim suit.  Or jeans.  Or work shoes.  And no matter how fancy the place looks, at its heart it’s just your neighborhood nail spa with technicians who live and shop in the same area as you.