On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my sister, Beth, and friend, Kayleigh, went to 2nd Street Market for Beth to pick out some food for the week and for all of us to have lunch.  We had a lot of fun buying things and eating, but when it got time for dessert, we didn’t know what to get.  So we decided to get many things and call it a dessert feast.

We had gelato from a sandwich vendor, The Chef Case (he used to offer Dolcessa gelato but they had a break-in and cannot currently make gelato) in Chocolate Hazelnut and PRESS Espresso.  Also, we had 4 whoopie pies from Thistle Confections in Nutella and Red Velvet.

We had food from The Chef Case.  I got the vegetable sandwich and brussels sprout quinoa salad.

And we saw a train in front of the market.  It said no trespassing, and I didn’t have enough caffeine in my system to ignore the sign so here is a picture from the outside of it.