1.  I always make sure to have ample furniture to set drinks on but for some reason, I can’t use a table for this.  I always balance my coffee mugs, cups, plates, bowls, etc. on my body while I’m using them.  I have no idea why.  This particular image is of my balancing act, this time with a delicious latte from Ghostlight Coffee.

2.  When I see anything in print, I check it over for grammatical and spelling errors.  If there aren’t any, I focus on style, diction, and syntax.  This is a picture I took at the gym of a typewritten letter a man wrote to anyone who would read it about why Obama is the worst president in history.  It was very funny, although I doubt the humor was intentional.

3.  When I see abandoned golf balls, I think about my dad.  He would snatch these up in a heartbeat.  Also, he would stand in the yard and hit golf balls – he even created his own little putting green (yes, he actually got down on the ground and measured the grass height).  So I guess when I saw these in my yard, I couldn’t help but to think he was out there somewhere trying to give me a sign that he has seen and approves of our new house.