I love photography but I haven’t taken the time (or expense) to actually learn the skill.  Thankfully, I have an iPhone and some geniuses created Instagram because now I get to produce slightly less terrible photos without knowing anything about photography.  The only problem is some of these photos are really precious to me and aside from this blog, facebook, twitter, and forcing people to hold my phone and flip through my pictures, I don’t have a way to display them.  Ok, so maybe that’s actually quite a lot of ways to display instagrams but unconnected people (like my grandmother) miss out.

Luckily, there’s a whole Internet full of options for printing and displaying instagram photos.  One such website called Image Snap prints your instagrams onto tiles, which makes complete sense since they are also square (how did I not think of this!?).  Ranging in price from $4-$35, these instant art pieces make displaying your creativity, your family, your pets, or anything dear to you that much easier.  I can’t wait to order mine!

via swissmiss