A while back, I accompanied my sister on a Saturday filled with adventure.  Well, first we went to Bob Evan’s, but then… Adventure!

We went to Truth & Triumph to get her ears pierced.  Beth has some serious issues with ear piercing (she even had to get earrings surgically removed one time, and it was Prom!) so she decided to go to a professional piercing place to ensure the highest precautions were taken.  The people there are wonderful and made sure she had fun even through the inherent pain of having sharp surgical steel forced through her ear lobes.  Sorry for the bad photo but I was trying to hide because every time Beth looks at me, she laughs.

Next, we went to Salon Noir so she could get a pixie cut for the first time!  I love Salon Noir and now Beth does, too.  It’s a very neat place to spend some time while your sister has her hair cut.  There are so many things to look at, like empty frames on the wall, or silhouettes.

Here’s what she looked like after all the adventure was over: