Hello, my name is Lauren Rinehart and I am a chronically late person.  I never arrive on time to anything.  Work, parties, movies, meetings, appointments – you name it, I’ve been late to it.  I have made some adaptations for things like job interviews (tell myself it’s an hour earlier than it is, Somewhere in Time style – although Christopher Reeve made himself believe it was 1900 in that movie so this is actually a lot less severe).  If I’ve been late to something and it affected you, I’m truly sorry.  I want to be better, I’m trying new things all the time to get better.  This is one of the things I hate most about myself and I’m determined to change.

I know this doesn’t excuse my lateness, but here’s one of the reasons why I’m late sometimes, my dog Julia.  Sure, she’s precious and that’s reason enough to hang around the house, but honestly the only problems she ever causes she reserves for right before Rob and I leave the house.  No matter what, she’s our snuggle bug and we love her.