Although nothing quite beats a day at the spa, creating your own version at home is a lot cheaper and more convenient.  Here’s what I use to relax and get back to beautiful after a grueling week.

  1. Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Lotion – smells like a spa, so it sets the mood
  2. Somme Institute Warming Face Mask – it smells like pumpkin pie ice cream…mmm…
  3. Somme Institute Transport – glycolic acid pads
  4. Somme Institute Serum – Vitamin C at its best
  5. Somme Institute A-Bomb – smells like marshmallows, moisturizes like whoa
  6. Nars Mud Mask – well, you know how I feel about this miracle stuff
  7. Crest Whitestrips – it’s how coffee/tea/cranberry enthusiasts look approachable

Finish it off with a little more eye cream than you use daily, and you’re good to go…read a book and drink some peppermint tea.