I can’t thank you enough for reading all the random detritus that makes up my life.  It means the world to me and I probably wouldn’t have made it to 200 posts if I knew no one was reading.  Thank you to my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and WordPress compatriots as well as the random people here and there who may have picked up one of my website cards somewhere in Dayton.  You all make this so much more fun than I could have ever imagined.  I started this blog back in May 2011 hoping it would serve as a creative outlet.  I could have never guessed that it would eventually give me an excuse to take on challenges, learn new skills, try new things, and visit new places.

This is a picture of me in front of my iMac, which is where I typically write all of my posts.

My 100th Post was all the way back in October 2011.

My first post was May 12, 2011 about the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Up next for Girl About Town:  I have no idea.  What would you like to see?