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What better way to kick off Hot by Heedfest than to attempt the rigorous Alpha Omega journey of Robert Pollard’s music?  The rules are unnervingly simple:  Listen to all Robert Pollard releases back to back in chronological order without skipping, repeating, or listening to anything else.  Anything means absolutely anything – no Pandora, no demos from your friend’s band, nothing on a juke box, etc.  Ambient music at a restaurant or store is understandable but even your friend’s radio in his car while you’re carpooling has to be silenced.  In the end, if you’re successful, you receive bragging rights and a cool T-shirt from Rockathon Records (because they are the nicest people ever).  The difficulty, as I understand it, lies in the fact that you can’t repeat songs, even when they’re really really good (and unfairly short – i.e. “Hey Aardvark”).  Also, Guided by Voices breaks up in 2003 but somehow there are still, I don’t know, 1,000 songs after that?  It’s going to be a wild ride.  And the Acid Ranch stuff is going to give me nightmares…

I have a lot of advantages other Robert Pollard fans may not have:  My husband has completed Alpha Omega twice but attempted it a few more times than that.  He’s my Alpha Omega coach and iPod manager.  Also, because he’s such a big fan, he already had most of the music he needed to complete it before he even attempted AO.  By now we own everything I will need, yes, even that.*

Updates to follow, but until then you can follow my progress on

*Any rare EP or hard-to-find side project that you can think of.