I don’t care if you buy me an iPad tomorrow, I’ll probably never stop reading actual, physical magazines (but, you know, thanks for the iPad).  Ever since I was 11, I’ve subscribed to several magazines and I can attribute everything I know to them (ok, college helped a little, I guess).

Here are some of the magazines I love and why I love them:


Shopping addicts, rejoice!!  Here is a magazine that takes the love of shopping to another level by helping you get some of that hunting instinct out of your system without burning a hole through your credit card.  This is also the home of Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey-June.  I’ve been a loyal subscriber for many years.


I never subscribed to Glamour.  Conde Nast decided to kill Jane, which was my ultimate perfect magazine – right down to the fonts used.  Rather than refund everyone’s money, they opted to send Jane subscribers a postcard explaining that we’ll all be receiving Glamour instead because it’s close enough.  No, nothing can compare to Jane but my broken heart learned to love Glamour.  They are really leading the charge in showcasing more normal body types in their editorials, limiting the use of photo editing on their models, and bringing awareness to social injustice all over the world.

House Beautiful

If I could live in any magazine, I would pick House Beautiful. I love spending my Sunday afternoons curled up in bed flipping the colorful pages of this magazine and dreaming of all the decorating possibilities in my own home.  Currently I get back issues of House Beautiful from my library but if I really use the advice and inspirations, I may subscribe.


There is no better dog magazine that I’ve found.  Bark has tons of useful information for dog owners as well as useful products you may never otherwise know about.  I picked it up at a salon one day and had trouble putting it down.  I’m thinking of subscribing as soon as possible.

Martha Stewart Living

I hate to say it, but the woman (and her staff) has some very good ideas about problems you didn’t even know you had, as well as fixes for organizational dilemmas you didn’t realize were dilemmas.  I wish I could write for this magazine – my first article would be called “How Your Disorganized Junk Drawer is Ruining Your Life.”  I’m not a subscriber but occasionally I’ll pick this up at the library.