There are sadly so many books, movies, and TV shows that when I was a kid I found so funny, I can remember crying laughing so hard but when I go back to read or watch them now at 25 years old they are no longer funny to me.  That’s why a few weeks ago, while working the evening shift, I was nervous to reread Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.  One of my favorite coworkers brought it in for me because we had been talking about it a few days before then.  I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to like it anymore because I remember almost losing the ability to breathe laughing with my friends about each page of that book in middle school and I wanted to keep those memories relevant for as long as possible.

As it turns out, rereading Deep Thoughts was a great idea!  In middle school my friends and I almost had the book memorized so reading it again after so much time made many of the pages fresh again and I was amazed at how funny it was to me.

So here’s one book from my childhood that I can read as many times as I want and still enjoy.  I can’t wait to check back when I’m 50 to see if I still love it.