President’s Day is a great day to reflect on the influence the presidents of the past have had on our lives…but it’s also a great day to get back into crafting (for me since elementary school).  Businesses are open but I (along with my sister Beth, and her friend [well, my friend too – if she’s cool with it.  How about it, Kayleigh?] Kayleigh) had the day off.  Conditions were perfect for an afternoon of crafting – a “Crafternoon” if you will.

Our day began at Butter Cafe so we would have the strength and fortitude for marathon shopping and jewelry making.  My sister got the breakfast wrap, I ordered the Vegan Scramble.  We left feeling invincible.

Next came the task of acquiring more coffee – so off to Ghostlight Coffee we went.

With an adequate amount of caffeine coursing through our bodies, it was time to revisit a bead store I vaguely remembered from going with my craftier friends in middle school.  Heliotrope Art Studio is located off of Siebenthaler Road in a small patch of artist colony that must have wafted in from Yellow Springs by accident.  The moment you walk in, the plethora of beads overwhelms your vision.  All I wanted to do was run around the tiny store touching all the beads!!  But being aware of social norms, I decided to behave.

With beads in hand, we bought the rest of the fixin’s at Hobby Lobby (“Hob Lob” for short) and settled in my living room to start crafting.

Beth’s bracelet looks perfect!

Kayleigh’s necklace is amazing.

You may remember my challenge to create the Catalina (Wine Mixer) necklace from Touchstone Crystals (if not click the link, go ahead…click it).

I tried my very best but unfortunately I am beyond rusty and it didn’t work out as I had hoped.  First I changed the findings from bright gold to bright silver because that’s all I could find.  Then I picked the wrong thread – I’ll need to remake the necklace with something stronger.  I’ll post updates as I figure this whole jewelry-making thing out.

That same day, my husband and I watched the Portlandia episode where they sing a song about people who make jewelry.  I pretended not to notice the sarcasm.  Sigh.

So the end result for me wasn’t awesome but I had a great time – and this won’t be our last Crafternoon.  In fact, maybe in the next one we can make T-shirts that say “CRAFTERNOON” so we’ll always have something to wear while crafting!  …I might be getting a little ahead of myself.