In 4th grade, we were each assigned a senior citizen pen pal.  I was assigned to a wonderful woman named Virginia and once a week, we all had to get our supplies together and quietly respond to the letters we received at the school.  Our teachers made sure that we dutifully responded appropriately (i.e. if she asks you a question about your pets, you answer about your pets, not 3 sentences about dinosaurs or your Tamagotchi – well, we were children and it was the 90s).  Fast forward to 2012 and I still write letters to Virginia and she still writes back.  We send Christmas cards and photos, but I sometimes have to be reminded to do this, I’ve become very lazy about getting photos printed because they’re all on facebook.

I really love writing letters and it would be awesome if I had some more people to write letters to!  (And I’m good at it, I’ve been writing letters since 1995ish, see above)  I recently read an article by Cassie of Books and Bowel Movements and she will be participating in a month of writing letters to new people.  I would love to join in the fun (and use up some of the crate full of stationary and cards that I’ve amassed over the years).  If you wouldn’t mind sharing your address with me (I promise, I’m not a creeper) I would love to send you a letter or card.  If you’re interested, please send me an email with your address to:

I’m also terribly interested in signing up for this Letter Writers Alliance.  They have stationary and everything…