I recently wrote about middle school, but now I’m going to take it back 4 more years to elementary school.  From 2nd grade to 4th grade, the “smart” kids in the gifted program were shuttled to a different school once a week to take on more enriching lessons than say long division (which I still have a LOT of trouble with, by the way.  Although my knowledge of Renaissance era England is still going strong…).  Every day that we were there, we spent a lot of time thinking about things and writing about them in creative ways, like taking something you see every day and imagining new uses for it.  In small doses, this precocious activity was fun and enjoyable – but read all of these exercises back to back in book form:  Tedious.

Sorry for the long story but you have to understand that part of my background to get why I only half liked This is a Book by Demetri Martin.  You see, this book is exactly like if we were to take all of the creative writings we did in the gifted program and bind them into a book.  There are some items that are so funny you want to call 10 people to read them a section out loud and there are whole stories I had to skip because it was too much like what we did in the gifted program and I couldn’t read them while rolling my eyes that much.

Here are some of the bits I loved (not the tedious ones):

“An a cappella group performs and somehow manages not to irritate anyone.  Everyone is secretly confused.”


My Friend:  I don’t ever get to travel.

Me:  Yeah, except for around the sun, every day, all the time.”