“Be strong, be brave, be true.  Endure.”

– Advice told by Abdulrahman Zeitoun to author Dave Eggers, Zeitoun

I just started and finished an amazing book about Hurricane Katrina called Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.  I have to admit, I thought it was going to be the story of one family’s struggle to rebuild after the storm but it was way, way more.  While staying behind to protect his many properties, Zeitoun becomes incarcerated unjustly and there the reader becomes privy to unbelievable breaches in civil rights on our own soil.  Reading this book, I was frequently frustrated to tears, enraged, and in disbelief.  I actually checked the spine label that the library placed on the book several times while reading to make sure it was in fact non fiction.

The Dayton Metro Library chose Zeitoun as their selection for the Big Read this year and I think everyone should pick it up.  The writing is never preachy, only delivering facts and the impressions of the people who lived through the storm, its aftermath, and hysteria.  Zeitoun was honored with the Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

Don’t have time to read a book?  Just watch this video of the Zeitoun’s discussing their ordeal.