Libraries are sort of awesome to me.  I have fond memories of being little and carrying a teetering pile of books to the check out desk during summer vacations from elementary school and my dad having to help me carry them to the car.  When I was old enough to work, I only interviewed at one place – the library – and worked there for 2 years as a library aide while getting first dibs on the new additions to the collection.  I met my amazing husband at the library as well as some great friends.  To be honest, without the library, my life would be enormously different.  So when I saw this amazing old-fashioned 1950s-style library sign from Three Potato Four, I was immediately taken with it.  I don’t know if my husband will let me put it up in the house (he still works at the library so while my memories are taking on the ethereal haze of soft focus, his are tainted by the sharp realities on a daily basis with all of the issues anyone has at work) I might be able to sneak it on to the walls somewhere when he’s not looking.