My friend, Morgan, doesn’t remember buying me two hair clips at one point in high school but they are my very favorite hair things ever.  One broke so in a panic (I’m a borderline hoarder for anything beauty or hair related) I decided to find more of these hair clips.  I had one problem:  I had no idea what they were called.  You see, search engines only know what to show you when you know what you want to see.  It’s taken me months to think of the right word (banana? squeezy? pointy?)  and I finally found it:  Bird Beak clips.  Odd, I know.

They are brilliant at holding your hair up and keeping it out of your face.  No matter how great my hair looks at work, the second it starts bugging me, I bird beak clip it into submission.  You don’t even need a mirror to use these since the intended look is sort of messy.  I need to search harder to find good quality ones but for now these might have to do.