I don’t know how late I am to this party but today I discovered this very cool blog called The Burning House – a blog designed to make us think about what we would take with us if our houses caught fire.  It’s supposed to help us reflect on what’s really important in life.  It got me thinking about what I would take with me…

1.  Julia! – Because why get out of the fire if you won’t have a Julia! at the end of it?

2.  Make up bag – I hate to expose the extent of my addiction but there might be a thousand dollars’ worth of stuff in there.

3.  Purse – It holds so much of my life that even when I lost everything in the flood, because I had my purse, I could just move on without even missing work.  In fact, most people at work don’t even know I had a total-loss flood.

4.  Planner – My planner also holds my life, just a more concentrated version.

5.  *iPhone – Because I’ve grown very attached to this little rectangle of joy.

6.  *Husband – Because I’ve grown very attached to this PBR swilling, rock knowledge robot of joy.

*Not pictured