What is the single most important purchase of every new year?  Calendars!  On an average day I use no fewer than 7 calendars* to keep myself organized and picking out new ones in 2012 can be a big task.  Some of the calendars are predetermined like my big desk blotter calendar at work and my Outlook calendar but what about a desk calendar for home and the wall calendar for the kitchen?  I have a few ideas – and yes, I see the mild irony of having 7 calendars and yet still waiting until after the new year to purchase new calendars, so keep your comments to yourself, thankyouverymuch.

Seize the Year:  2012 Wall Calendar by Neu Year

This thing could revolutionize calendars as we know them.  Basically it’s a large wall calendar that shows the entire year without breaks between the months because that’s how time really goes by in the year – we don’t notice when the month changes over so it shouldn’t be broken up that way.  I get it, and my mind is blown. I think this is a great idea and I may have to purchase one of these – and at $24, why not?

2012 Desk Calendar by Avie Designs

Avie Designs makes the best stuff, I swear.  The desk calendar is no exception and this year Avie’s desk calendar doesn’t disappoint.

2012 Wall Calendar by Letter C Design

We used this wall calendar in 2011 and I’m heavily considering buying it again for 2012.  The paper is matte, which makes it easy to write and erase and the designs are adorable.  Priced at $14.75, it’s one of the cheaper wall calendars that I fancy on Etsy.

*I know you’re wondering so here is the list of all 7 calendars I use on a daily basis:

1.  Outlook – I tend to use this as a muggle version of a pensieve so that I don’t have to actually use my brain to remember my daily meetings and reminders, that’s what those annoying pop-ups are for.

2.  Gmail – My google calendar is shared between my husband, sister, and mother but I don’t keep it as up-to-date as I should.  It’s a social calendar that attempts to keep us all on the same page about where we all are and what we’ll be doing on evenings and weekends.

3.  Desk Blotter – Huge calendar with huge spaces for each day.  The large size of this calendar makes it hard to ignore even the most dreaded appointments.

4.  Printed Calendar – I have pinned up to my cube wall pages of a free printable calendar.  So much of my job is cyclical and quarter-based that I need to have at least two months spread out in front of me if not more.  It helps me view at a glance how busy I will be in the next few months and helps me plan how hard I should be hyperventilating at any given moment in the quarter.

5.  Planner – My beloved Russell + Hazel Mini Binder with the SmartDate system plus tabs, pockets, protector sheets, business card holders, etc.  This gorgeous thing attempts to do the impossible:  Seamlessly integrate my personal life and work life.  It holds on to all of my notes, lists, and minutiae so that I can get to them when I have time.

6.  Desk Calendar – The purpose of this is to look pretty and help me quickly figure out what day it is without the clutter of appointment reminders or meetings being written in the margins.  It’s sort of like a clock but on paper and you have to figure out what day it is by yourself.  Ok, apart from being pretty, it’s almost completely useless.  I think there’s a Kardashian joke in here somewhere…

7.  Wall Calendar – This hangs in the kitchen by the refrigerator and is supposed to be the way I communicate appointments and events to my husband when email, verbal reminders, and text messages fail.  Also, it’s a loophole to get him to do things I know he won’t like.  For example:  “What do you mean I have a hair appointment?  I didn’t know about it.”  “Well, I don’t know what to tell you, it was on the calendar.”