I’m so sick of hearing people refer to this time of December as “last minute” concerning Christmas shopping.  I grew up in a household where having all of the shopping done by December 23rd was regarded as a win.  And honestly, shouldn’t the rule be if you have time for online stores to ship to you (non-expedited), you are still within timely shopping parameters?  So for all of us last minute punctual shoppers, here are some neat ideas.


For anyone, really:

Wall Garlands

These are adorable wall decals (available from the store Twine) that can frame an important photograph, quote, or maybe a wall outlet or light switch.  Wall decals in general are great gift ideas for friends who live in apartments with rules against painting or using nails.


Build Your Own Camera Kit

I can’t hardly believe how cool this is.  The kit allows you to build your own camera and take photos using the same cool effects we fake using Instagram. Priced at $38.00, this kit is available from Twine.


For your girlfriend, or a girl who’s just a friend; for your sister; etc.:


Just buy…well, anything from Ruche and she’ll love it.


For your coworker, Secret Santa, people you don’t like but to whom you are obligated to give presents:

Table Top Garden

Gardens are relaxing and this little kit from CoolStuffCheap brings the garden to your coworker’s desk.  It’s a neat idea and around $20, thereby satisfying your obligation to join in on the office Christmas party this year.


Chrome Kinetic Desk Toy – Thing

I think no desk should be without one.  Also available from CoolStuffCheap but only $9!


For anyone very close to you who (really?) still doesn’t have an iPhone:

iPhone 4S

So he will stop borrowing yours every time he wants to check the score or find directions or update his status…