I’m a huge fan of Christmas so I prepare my family’s stockings each year and have Christmas morning at my place.  This year I have a new house to celebrate in and I noticed that on the mantle, there are metal hooks already in place to hang stockings!  Now I can fill them as heavily as I want – I used to have to keep it in check because I used pushpins when I lived in apartments.

I have a million stocking stuffer ideas and even though I would love to, I can’t use all of them each year (note to self:  Next year everyone gets TWO stockings, mwahahaha!).  So here are some of my favorite ideas:

For women and girls:

Lip Stains

Lip stains are really popular this year and for good reason:  One application can last up to 8 hours so just reapply some clear lip gloss throughout the day and you’re good to go!  My favorite is called KissInk from mark. which is the hip offshoot of Avon.

For men and boys:

Aveda Men Products

Men are not always eager to try new hair products but they might when they smell the Aveda for men line of products.  Aveda offers travel sized mini-products that are perfect for stocking stuffers.

For kids:

Drinking Glasses

Such a cute idea.  Just fill the glass with something that won’t get the kid too hyper and let the fun begin!

For couples/newlyweds/new homeowner:

Address Labels

I have been buying address labels from Avie Designs since 2008.  The designs are always fantastic!  This stocking stuffer requires a little advanced planning in that you will need to know the person’s address ahead of ordering.

For anyone:

Fountain pens

Pilot 90010 Varsity pens are disposable and therefore inexpensive but you could certainly find the refillable variety.

Recycled Circuit Board Bookmark

These are so neat and useful!  Available from DebbyAremDesigns of Etsy.