For people who get their nails done only for special occasions, it is important that the environment of the salon be relaxing and serene – beautiful fountains, lush greenery, maybe a chandelier or two…  But for those of us who get our nails done multiple times per month, the environment becomes pretty meaningless and the focus is really on whether or not the nail technicians can perform.  Rose Nails is the perfect manicure/color change nail salon in that it is small, cheap, and located on a main road.

I first visited Rose Nails in late September and before I could even walk through the door, I was tempted to turn and run.  Seeing wrought iron bars on the windows, street people coming in to use the rest room, bright crayon-colored walls lit by a couple florescent lights, and small donut offerings to little golden gods had me feeling as though I somehow stumbled into a wormhole that transported me to a Chinatown nail salon in New York City rather than a flourishing college neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio.  Bearing this in mind, I was very impressed with the manicure I received – it was perfect, actually.  I also loved how when customers would come in, the owner/nail technician would frequently call them by name and know what service they needed, which is something very few nail salons take the effort to do.  It was good to know he had a lot of return business, mostly from college students at nearby University of Dayton.

If you’re looking for a nail salon that will help you to relax and unwind before a big event, Rose Nails may not be the place I would recommend.  But if you are looking for a cheap manicure that makes your nails look amazing and don’t mind a rougher ambiance than what you might normally be used to, definitely give Rose Nails a try.

Rose Nails
1047 Brown Street
Dayton, OH  45409
(937) 222-0399