I’m not much of a movie-goer.  Something about paying $30 to sit in a dark room with a lot of strangers doesn’t much appeal to me.  And the sticky floors, I really hate those.  But when it gets unnervingly hot outside the idea of sitting in a dark, cold place doesn’t sound like such a bad idea but the price is still prohibitive and you’re not guaranteed to enjoy the movie.  Luckily, every summer in sunny Dayton, Ohio we have the opportunity to see classic movies for $5 a ticket in an ornate theatre reminiscent of the movie houses of the 1930s and beyond thanks to the Michelob Ultra Cool Films Series at the Victoria Theatre

I’ve seen many movies throughout the years at Victoria through the film series and it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the film 100 times, seeing it on the big screen is different.  This past weekend, I saw The Wizard of Oz and caught details I’d never noticed before and came to appreciate the pre-CGI effects more than ever. 

The season isn’t over – check out the schedule to find the upcoming film dates and times.  I’m planning to see Rear Window and possibly Grease before the season is over.