Do you have any irrational preferences?  I do.  I prefer to drink Smart Water for no reason whatsoever. 

If I had to find a reason, I guess it would be the electrolytes, typeface, and bottle shape/design.  It just appeals to me more than Evian or Fiji.  I started drinking it when I realized Vitamin Water had calories.  (Now they have Vitamin Water Zero but they didn’t at the time).

My favorite water bottles are the myriad options you have in Hawaii because there are several companies that bottle Hawaiian water from aquifers and the ocean. 

I really hate when (typically older) people try to say that people who drink bottled water are stupid because we’re paying a lot for water that could just be city water for all we know.  I drink bottled water because it’s incredibly convenient and doesn’t have calories.  I don’t care if it costs more because would the alternative be carrying water in my hands?  Sticking my head under the faucet? Pulling over when I see someone left a sprinkler on?  (Of course, that can have its own consequences.)  And I recycle so the whole “plastic takes 3 billion years to decompose” thing doesn’t really apply here.