I noticed while driving to my grandmother’s house that the quaint Pretty Nails had a new sign and balloons but on closer inspection, I noticed that the name had changed as well – to Lexington Nail Spa.  Earlier this week I went ahead and tried it, not expecting much based on the name.  To my surprise, smiling back at me were several familiar faces from Luxury Nail Spa in Butler Township.  After the initial stand off (“What are you doing here?”  “No…what are you doing here?”) we got to talking and I found out that a few people from Luxury Nail Spa opened Lexington and each member of a big family got to pick out one aspect of the interior design (how cute!).

They have made some vast improvements to the tenant space including adding some decorative archways, increasing the number of pedispas to 10, and adding more manicure tables.  I’m a little confused by the color scheme and light fixures (deep rust totally goes with neon yellow…) but knowing that there were many minds involved in the decision making helps put an adorable, all-hands-on-deck spin on it all.

I think this will be my new go-to nail spa because it’s adorable, affordable, and I can walk there.  Plus it’s nice to go where everyone already knows your name!

Lexington Nail Spa
734 W National Road
Vandalia, OH  45377