On the day of the flood, my sister, mother, and I were spending a lovely day shopping, eating, and taking in the sights of…um…somewhere near Columbus, Ohio maybe?  Hilliard?  I don’t know.  Anyways, it was a lot like Dayton but with more lanes of traffic.  We stopped into a confusing shop called Beauty First, which offered a great selection of bath & body and hair products.  The confusing bit is that they had prices on everything that seemed reasonable but when we went to pay, the prices all went up – sometimes as much as double!  They had no explanation as to why all of the price stickers in the store were incorrect, nor were they willing to give us the products at the labeled price.  My sister, being the spitfire that she happens to be, told them to keep their crummy merchandise, which caused the manager some distress.

Normally I would have stood with her in sororal solidarity – RA!  But I had clutched to my chest the Olive and Lavender variety of Compagnie de Provence‘s Lait Corporel (body lotion) and the lovely helvetic-ish typeface in brushed copper letters (en françois, no less!) wouldn’t stop weakening my resolve long enough to put it down and march out with her.  And I’m glad because as the memory of the backwards little shop fades away, the love of my lait corporel grows.  And true love lasts a lifetime.

If you are also a (non-fluent) fan of the French language who happens to enjoy lotion in glass jars, perhaps you would take a liking to Compagnie de Provence as well.