I used to have a Xanga.  It was sort of like Facebook statuses drawn out to the point of being ridiculous.  I was looking through the posts on there today and found an amazing quote by me. 

“I can’t help feeling like I’m proving everyone right by struggling right now.
Hopefully I’ll struggle hard enough to churn my milk of sadness into cream of prosperity without going so far as the butter of complacency, of course.”    – Lauren Rinehart, 06/29/09

This was from a particularly difficult period of time in my life when I had graduated college but had no idea what I was going to do.  

Here’s another one:

 “Life is pretty good as long as I stay firmly in denial.”  – Lauren Rinehart 04/16/08

And here are a few of my favorite titles of posts:

  • I’d Like to See Someone Who Doesn’t Exist Do That  05/26/07
  • Anything Can Happen on Earth, Even Insanity  09/26/08
  • I’m Not in Your Dreams, Get Out of Mine  06/30/07
  • Apple Beer & Dharma Bums  07/01/08
  • Strawberry Philadelphia Drive  03/05/08
  • I Love Not Camping  06/25/07
  • I Thought You Said Green was Whorish  06/12/08
  • Pandapple  04/16/08
  • Fun Rock  04/23/08
  • To Cherish the Life of the World  05/30/08

If you should happen to want to read this xanga blog, you can click here.  But it’s not pretty.