Saturday, June 11, 2011 began like most other days for me in that I woke up late and had to scramble to get ready.  My mother, sister, and I arrived to help take a mini dachshund named Rosie to her forever home (we provided a link in the chain that got her across the country to New York).  Rosie would be the highlight of my day, as it turns out, with her snuggliness and tininess.

On the way home from The Container Store, I received a call from my sister’s boyfriend, a signal I now understand to spell trouble.  He informed me that our apartment was flooding and the water was spreading into his apartment next door.  That moment changed the rest of the moments since then irrevocably.

Beth drove as fast as she could for the rest of the drive from Columbus back home to Dayton and when we got to the apartment it was terrible.  The landlord finally got someone out there to take care of the water but only after several hours of back and forth over who would be responsible for the payment.  When the carpet company finally came out, we were sad to see they only sent one person and that person brought his intoxicated girlfriend who later stole my dad’s iTouch.  We’ve lost all of our furniture, lots of records, mix tapes, a guitar etc.  Worst of all, we’ve lost our home.  We were in shock the whole weekend, trying to put back together the pieces the flood tore apart.  While worrying so much about our lost possessions, I almost missed the fact that for the first time my husband and I were handling a crisis together without blaming each other or fighting at all.  I think we’re finally growing up.

It’s amazing how quickly life can change.  I’m learning how resilient I can be and how amazing my family is for supporting us and taking us in while we have nowhere to live.  Despite everything, I think I’m the happiest I’ve been in 4 years.

We can replace objects, and even though we don’t know where we’ll be living for the next chapter of our lives, it’s nice to know we’re going to be together (with Julia!) and that we’ll be fine.

Update 06/18/11:

Rosie with her new family!