Sunday, May 29, my family decided to walk our own (thus free) 5K in Taylorsville Metro Park to the historic town of Tadmor, OH.  As an avid fan of the show Life after People, Tadmor is a fascinating place to visit because it is a perfect example of what happens when people leave a town to ruin.  Now all that remains is a number of stone structures such as parts of the canal, parts of two bridges, and occasionally rocks here and there that may have been part of a structure.  When people hear about Tadmor and then actually see it for themselves, they aren’t always impressed, having expected more.  The big lesson of Tadmor and Life after People is that humans don’t really own land – we can only borrow it – and when we leave, nature reclaims the land until there is hardly any sign that humans ever existed there at all.  Sort of chilling, no?

If you think about it enough, you may come down with a full blown case of ennui.  If you already have ennui, don’t think about it at all.

On the lighter side, the walk to Tadmor is gorgeous.  You have your pick between a trail, which is easy on your joints, and a paved pathway, which is better if you’re taking a stroller.  The downside is that the tiny parking lot fills up quickly on a nice Sunday morning so have a second plan for the day in the event that it’s full when you arrive.