A while back, I was healing my soul with a little retail therapy when I came across this product at Preen Apothecary.  NARS Mud Mask is as thick, smelly, and messy as…well…mud.  It promises to reduce sebum and blackheads and help to control oiliness.  I feel it does a fine job of all three, although there are those who would argue with me.  I have been using this mask here and there for a few months but this weekend I noticed that I had some large blackheads on my face – yuck – so I got out NARS Mud Mask to take care of it.  Not only did it remove the blackheads, it also made the pores appear smaller and the oiliness to abate some (I just have really oily skin, unfortunately).

The main drawback of this product is the heavy glass jar holding the product.  I’m afraid of dropping it in the bathroom and getting shards in my leg or something.  I’ve heard that it now comes in a plastic jar but I haven’t seen one yet to know for sure.

Priced at $45, this is a product you may want to try before you buy.  Many boutiques will give you a small sample to try at home or, if you aren’t wearing makeup and don’t mind the stares of strangers, try a dab on your nose at Sephora.