After reading a blurb about an egg-shaped lip balm in Lucky Magazine a few years ago, I started buying EOS lip balm.  This led to me buying EOS shave cream, body lotion, etc.  It’s a wonderful drug store brand, inexpensive, with a very inventive design aesthetic.  The products are not particularly life altering but they work and work well.  The lip balm moisturizes and is affordable enough to buy one for each room of the house. (ahem, NO, I do not see anything wrong or excessive about having a lip balm or two for every room of the house.  And one for each purse.  And a couple for the office…)

The shave cream is thick and moisturizing but rinses off without any hassle whatsoever.  They even have a fragrance free version so yay! no carcinogens!

The lotion is thin enough for constant use in summer.  The fragrance is light enough to wear perfume without clashing.

All of these products can be purchased on their very convenient online store or Rite Aid.