I know everyone has an iPhone.  If they don’t have an iPhone, then they have a smartphone with Android.  For the 2% of us who love WebOS, Palm, and HP products, the cell phone arena can seem a lonely place.  I love my Palm Pixi Plus, not just for the tiny buttons and slim profile but because of WebOS.


Although WebOS has the fewest users, its users are reportedly more passionate about their love for it than any other operating system.  It’s likely that because the phones tend to be advertised to women, fewer people were likely to purchase them.

The benefit of WebOS to me is the ability to multitask.  Bring up your email on one “card” then flip open another card to take a look at your newsfeed on Facebook.  Done with Facebook?  Flip back to your email card without losing your place or having to start over.  WebOS syncs all of your calendars, contacts, and social media without skipping a beat.  It actually reminds me of my iMac in that the icons are at the bottom of the screen and the less used applications are accessible by opening the “Launcher” (called “Finder” on my iMac).  This keeps the surface of your virtual “desk” uncluttered and serene rather than the buttons constantly in view in iOS for iPhone.  Not to mention the beautiful design aesthetic throughout the various screens.

Palm Pixi Plus

Palm unfortunately is no more, having been bought out by HP.  Thankfully, HP has committed to continuing WebOS for its line of phones, of which Pre is still available.  They will no longer be making Pixi phones but I’ll be happy to upgrade to a Pre 3 when they become available this summer.  Also in the works are other devices such as TouchPad and Veer, the world’s tiniest phone.

Pre 3