I don’t know exactly what caused it but I’m a closet design junky.  I follow a number of design blogs (by designers, for designers) even though I have trouble understanding some of what they discuss.  I guess even without any actual talent or skill I want to be close to the creative process wherein everyday products as well as brand new innovations are being fashioned.  With Quirky Products, I now have some ability to influence and help fund brand new projects by up-and-coming designers through their social production development model.

Quirky Products works this way:  Items are sorted into three categories – Presale, In Production, and Shipping Now.  Presale includes items that have been fully developed but need a certain number of people to purchase them before they can actually be produced.  Once you purchase a presale item, your purchase is counted toward the goal number but your credit card isn’t charged until the shipping stage.  If an item is In Production, you’ll receive updates on the manufacturing process and a confirmation when it ships.  When an item gets to the Shipping Now stage, your credit card is charged and you’ll receive your item shortly.

The products range from cute to revolutionary.  Take some of my favorites for example:

Visit Quirky Products for yourself and be a part of the design process.