As a red-blooded American woman, I love all things British – British accents, British food, British colloquialisms, etc.  It would then come as no surprise that I am head over heels in love with Central Perc, a small café on Far Hills Avenue.  Walking into Central Perc is intimidating because at most times of day they are pretty busy and the café is limited in table space.  They offer counter service but will bring the food and tea to your table so you don’t accidentally burn yourself (sad) or drop your sandwich (double sad).  The walls are a sunny yellow with art for sale decorating the space, the tables are converted writing desks and the chairs don’t match – Central Perc is the textbook definition of quaint. 

Photo Credit: Tom Baker

The food is magnificent.  I highly recommend the egg salad sandwich on wheat.  If you would prefer to try a sampling of many different items from the menu, make sure to stop in for Afternoon Tea (2:00-4:00 pm, $14 per person).  The desserts are light and sweet – a perfect complement to soup and sandwich fare.  They only accept cash or check and are open Monday through Saturday from “8-ish to 5-ish” (their words, not mine).

When they’re not busy, it’s a great place to sit and read or stare out the window at the passersby. 

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Central Perc European Café
2315 Far Hills Avenue
Dayton, OH 45419-1513
(937) 299-5282