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2400 Far Hills Avenue was not always the chic, stylish salon and spa that it is today.  No, it was once a small architectural firm called DAE Designs.  I worked there for many years, bookkeeping and filing the days away.  It was the perfect place to work considering its proximity to Starbucks and Dorothy Lane Market.  Above us was a little salon called Salon Bliss, with whom we feuded frequently over parking spaces and water damage.  Once when I was at the innocent age of 19 I extended the olive branch by getting a manicure there. 

After 13 some odd years in Oakwood the architectural firm relocated to Centerville, and the little salon upstairs moved in, growing in size and transforming the nautical-inspired, smoke stained environ into a fresh, luxurious, city chic salon and day spa.  When construction had been complete for a few months, I decided it was time to get a good look at the improvements and was astonished at what they were able to accomplish in a short period of time.  The building is actually a house, a very old and poorly constructed house but when Eden Salon & Spa opened its doors, the space seemed to have lost several years of wear and tear. 

The services at this Aveda salon are wonderful and the staff is friendly and frequently the whole salon will be involved in the same conversation like one big girls’ afternoon out.  The spa section is in the furthest room from the main entrance, ensuring a calm and relaxing service no matter the time of day.  The shampoo bowls are located in a room that they keep dark to help their clients relax during the scalp massage.  The waiting area has a comfy couch and chairs, magazines, products to browse, and a closet to hang your jacket.  They offer Coke, Diet Coke, coffee, hot tea, and water while you process or wait.

The prices are what you’d expect from an Aveda salon but when you take into account the expertise of the stylists, they’re much more reasonable.  Perks include proximity to Starbucks and Central Perc if you need coffee or a snack, Preen and Gamine if you’d like to shop and show off your new look, lots of parking available, easy to get to.

I highly recommend this small, busy salon and spa for anyone looking to enjoy a few hours in a chic, city getaway reminiscent of Chicago or New York.    

Eden Salon & Spa
2400 Far Hills Avenue
Dayton, OH  45419